Zoe & Greg



Start weight:
110 kilos (169cm tall)
Current weight:
85 kilos
Weight lost:
25 kilos
Time frame:
3 years


Start weight:
89.5 kilos (180cm tall)
Current weight:
75 kilos
Weight lost:
14.5 kilos
Time frame:
3 years ongoing

About 3 years ago I went to a wedding and was feeling fabulous. I bought a new dress and had my hair styled and I thought I looked wonderful, until I saw some photos. I was pretty embarrassed that I had allowed myself to become as overweight and unhealthy as I was.

So my boyfriend Greg and I had a chat and realised we weren’t that far off from trying to start a family and as an older mother, I had to give myself the very best shot at having a healthy baby. Thankfully, Greg was really enthusiastic about trying Lite n’ Easy as well, so we started ordering for both of us.

I love not having to have the “What are we having for dinner?” conversation every single night – if I feel like a pasta, I have a pasta. If Greg feels like a roast, he has a roast. It helped us to stick to our goals together while treating us as individuals. I also don’t really enjoy cooking – so Lite n’ Easy made total sense!

Over the next year or so I lost 25 kilos and Greg lost 14.5 kilos. Life is completely different now for both of us. I can go into a shop and not look for the larger sizes. I don’t agonise for hours on outfits that “make me look fat”. I joined a gym and love going now that I am not embarrassed about my fitness level.

We have had a few milestones in the years since – we got married, we adopted 2 dogs, we moved house… all things that were made so much easier because we weren’t lugging extra weight around and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Now being healthy is a way of life for both of us and we couldn’t be happier!

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