Start weight:
70 kilos (160cm)
Current weight:
56 kilos
Weight lost:
14 kilos
Time frame:
24 months

My Lite n’ Easy journey began when my days of eating out and going out with friends every weekend began to take a toll on my weight and wellbeing. I was 70 kilos, tired all of the time and unmotivated. I tried joining two different gyms but my lack of motivation and a previous injury to my ankle prevented me from losing any weight.

I made a plan to create achievable goals, starting with what I ate. I began Lite n’ Easy meals and have never looked back! The meals are convenient, affordable, nutritious, and most of all they taste GOOD! I love the ever changing menu and have never been bored with the food.

The weight loss was a healthy one, gradually over a period of time. Now I am a healthy 56 kilos and I still do not attend the gym so Lite n’ Easy has been my sole source of weight loss. Not only has my appearance improved, my energy levels are higher and I have a more positive outlook on life.

Today, I am a teacher, mother, shopping and movie enthusiast, who continues her Lite n’ Easy every week.

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