Start weight:
84 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
67 kilos
Weight lost:
17 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

My lightbulb moment was New Year’s Day in 2015 when I went to wear a favourite pair of pants and they were so tight and uncomfortable but I wore them anyway. It made me realise I needed to change my life – I was overweight, tired, in a job I hated and miserable.

I’d been on Lite n’ Easy so I knew it worked. I was super strict for the first 4 months,  went to the gym 4 days a week and walked at least 5kms every day.

I lost 12 kilos in the first 3 months and went on to lose another 5 kilos by the end of August. I was stoked, I’d really only set out to be able to wear my favourite pants again, so was surprised to be able to lose that much while still being satisfied with what I was eating. I still can’t wear the pants as they are now too big, but I’ve kept them as a reminder.

Four years later and I still order Lite n’ Easy for convenience and to maintain my weight and I love it. I’ve had a few hiccups along the way but I now sit at around 67.5kg comfortably. I turned 50 last September and felt amazing. Being happy and healthy gave me the confidence to leave the job that made me so miserable and find something I loved.

I tell everyone about Lite n’ Easy, it’s a great programme. It’s definitely changed my life and I’ve never felt better. 

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