Start weight:
114 kilos (180cm)
Current weight:
95 kilos
Weight lost:
19 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

Before Lite n’ Easy, I was eating lots of junk food and eating out for dinner with beer and wine on the weekend. My waistline was steadily increasing and then I hit 40! Suddenly I started feeling very tired, my blood pressure went up and my kidneys weren’t functioning properly anymore. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels were also borderline. A visit to the doctor was just the reality check I needed. I was facing medication for the rest of my life or I had 3 months to do something to reduce my weight.

A friend was visiting and he suggested try Lite n’ Easy. And that was the beginning of a big turnaround for me.

The food was delivered to my door and once I started I thought this can’t be true, I am eating so much every day and still losing weight. I was amazed that I could still eat butter chicken and lose weight. I dropped 10 kilos in the first 2-3 months and started walking. After 6 months I had lost 19 kilos, to my utter astonishment!

Now my blood pressure is normal, sugar and cholesterol are within range, my kidneys are behaving and I am filled with energy. I can walk 11 kms now without even blinking. I look and feel amazing!

Lite n’ Easy does work and I am living proof of that.

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