Tamara & Zac


My son Zac suffered a traumatic brain injury and a stroke and needed some healthy meals that he could prepare himself in order for him to regain his sense of independence. And I was so busy looking after everyone else, that I had neglected myself.

Prior to Lite n’ Easy, dinner times were a nightmare. Zac’s brain injury makes it difficult for him to make decisions. I would always ask him “What would you like for dinner?” and his response would always be “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”. With Lite n’ Easy I can order a number of different dishes and he can see the picture on the front along with the number of minutes he needs to microwave and he can make his own dinner. It’s been a god send. He feels so much more empowered. Myself and my daughter both enjoy the meals too. We’ve even dropped some kilos and feel so much healthier.

The fact that Lite n’ Easy dinners are so healthy and nutritious is also a major factor as Zac is an elite sportsman – he represents Australia in the Paralympic football team – the Pararoos.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy. You have enriched all of our lives by making dinner times so much more manageable and helping my son to be the best he can be!

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