Start weight:
75 kilos (158cm)
Current weight:
64 kilos
Weight lost:
11 kilos
Time frame:
Ongoing convenience

My husband was working overseas and the kids had left home so I thought Lite n’ Easy would be a convenient, cost effective way to eat. I was also looking to minimise waste as I only had myself to feed and it’s hard to cook a good variety of food for one.

The food is delicious and it fits in beautifully with my busy work schedule. My breakfast is ready in the morning, I can grab my lunch bags to take to work for the day and then have a meal ready for dinners within minutes of arriving home.

The added bonus being I have lost 11 kilos and maintained that weight for almost 2 years which has been very welcome also.

My husband is home and we both enjoy eating Lite n’ Easy now! It keeps us fit and healthy with absolutely no fuss at all.

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*Individual results may vary

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