Start weight:
93 kilos (173cm)
Current weight:
80 kilos
Weight lost:
13 kilos
Time frame:
12 weeks

I am a new dad and after my weight reached over 93 kilos, I got quite worried about my health and decided it was time to lose weight. I tried so many ways to reduce my weight, but unfortunately none were successful until I found Lite n’ Easy.

With Lite n’ Easy I enjoy the different variety of meals and snacks provided and I never feel like I am missing out on the foods I like. I set my goal to lose 10 kilos and I saw very good progress every week. This boosted my motivation to maintain my strategy and keep going towards my goals. The success stories on their web page also kept me inspired.

I lost 13 kilos in 12 weeks with Lite n’ Easy and I feel fantastic!  I didn’t expect to lose the weight so quickly so I am thrilled with the results.

I always say “life is easy” with Lite n’ Easy because I am able to eat healthier and reduce my weight quickly and easily. I am back to enjoying my cricket and walking everyday, as well as having a lot more time and energy to keep up with my family.

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*Individual results may vary

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