Start weight:
94 kilos(163cm tall)
Current weight:
60 kilos
Weight lost:
34 kilos
Time frame:
10 months

Over the last few years I started putting on a lot of weight and slipped into some bad eating and lifestyle habits, which resulted in me feeling very unwell. I would come home from work exhausted and find myself out of breath after doing anything too physical. It wasn’t until I had to get a dress for my cousin’s wedding that I realised just how bad I had allowed myself to get. I had to make a drastic change!

After the wedding there were no more excused, the time for change was now! I chose Lite n’ Easy as my parents use it and it seemed like a great way to completely change the way I ate.

With all the meals and snacks delivered Lite n’ Easy gave me all I needed to get healthy and lose weight. I loved the variety and it was so fresh and tasted great. Having snacks provided meant I could space out my food during the day so I didn’t feel hungry. This stopped me going to my usual bad habits and I was gradually able to change my thinking and stop obsessing about food.

I started at 94 kilos and 8 months later I weighed 60 kilos – a total loss of 34 kilos!

I have two young daughters and a husband and life is pretty busy. I feel so much healthier and have a lot more energy. I am now able to go to the gym and take long walks a few times a week which I was not able to do at the beginning. I can also spend a lot more time with my daughters

I am loving the way I feel now and it is all thanks to the great food Lite n’ Easy has provided that has made it easier for me to stay strong and motivated.

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