Sarah G

Start weight:
97 kilos
Current weight:
75 kilos
Weight lost:
22 kilos
Time frame:
2 years

I decided my life needed an overhaul after my 21st birthday. All my life I had struggled with my weight, always being the “big one” through primary and secondary school. By the time I was starting my final year of university I weighed 97 kilos.

I had tried many avenues to manage my weight but they never stuck. I was so unhappy with my body and the way I looked but I didn’t know where to begin to change my terrible eating habits.

Luckily I found Lite n’ Easy and my life changed forever!

From the first week, I knew it was the right weight loss solution for me. The food is unbelievably good, that at times I could not figure out how it could be so nice and still healthy at the same time.

The first 10 kilos were the hardest to lose but after I established myself in a new routine it became much easier. I remember thinking is it ever going to come off? But after that, it was like magic! I lost 22 kilos and have kept it off now for nearly 2 years.

As a nurse working in intensive care I see the negative side of obesity and the health problems that are associated with carrying extra weight. I can confidently say that Lite n’ Easy has saved my life by helping to make a permanent change to the way I eat.

I could not be happier with the new healthier me!

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