Lite n’ Easy helped me quit smoking for good!

At age 48 I was diagnosed with emphysema. I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I had attempted to give up smoking in the past but always gained substantial weight and returned to smoking. This time I had serious health issues so I needed to take a more holistic approach.

A friend at work suggested Lite n’ Easy, which I thought would be a great idea but I didn’t think I could afford it. She suggested it was less than what I was spending on cigarettes and she was right.

I decided having Lite n’ Easy on my side to help me give up smoking was an excellent quit plan.

Less than a year later, my life has improved for the better in every way. I’m back to my preferred weight, I’m fitter then I’ve been in years and I no longer smoke! It is amazing to think instead of gaining weight, I lost 14 kilos in the process thanks to Lite n’ Easy. I’ve never felt better, I’ve never looked better and it was so easy.

Now I have a better chance at long term good health. Thanks Lite n’ Easy!

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