Start weight:
117 kilos (187cm)
Current weight:
97 kilos
Weight lost:
20 kilos
Time frame:
18 weeks

When I was younger I was very active, played a lot of sport and basically ate whatever I wanted. As the years went by though, injuries started to take their toll and slowed me down, but my food intake didn’t change.

As a busy builder, I had fallen into the habit of eating irregularly, which often meant no breakfast, lunch on the run and a massive dinner. The excess kilos piled on but with 3 young boys, my own business and no spare time for exercise, my personal needs fell down the priority ladder.

Our boys range in age from 7-11 and sport is a huge part of their lives. So the main reason I finally decided to lose weight was for them. I was struggling to keep up and I didn’t want to be the kind of dad who sat and watched them from the sidelines.

Lite n’ Easy was the best option for me. It exceeded all my expectations. I can be completely self sufficient with my own food which is great for my wife Karen. I can grab my breakfast and lunch bags in the morning then head off to the various work sites. At night I can just heat up my own healthy dinner and still eat with the family.

I started at 113 kilos and after only 8 weeks I was under the magical 100 kilos. Another 10 weeks and I was down to 93 kilos; the lightest I have been in years!

Being healthy and being able to spend more time with my boys – that is the best part about Lite n’ Easy. It’s changed my life.

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*Individual results may vary

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