Robyn H

Start weight:
90 kilos (170 cm)
Current weight:
69 kilos
Weight lost:
21 kilos
Time frame:
8 months

Let me tell you that I am no-one special, just a typical mother with one grown up child, a husband and a dog. My only problem was that I was overweight.

All of my friends were on a diet but they were constantly counting calories and going to appointments with their advisor. I wanted something easy and quick and where I didn’t really have to think too much about what I was going for eat every meal. I also wanted something to fit into my lifestyle.

I started Lite n’ Easy and found it was just that – easy. I started to lose weight straight away and the only problem I had to contend with was my husband and son stealing my fabulous dinners. I love being able to get up in the morning and have breakfast and lunch sorted, it’s great.

I like to have the occassional glass of wine and go out to dinner with friends and have found with Lite n’ Easy I can still do all that. My whole outlook on eating has changed dramatically. I love eating salads and fruit, whereas before Lite n’ Easy I really couldn’t remember the last time I had a piece of fruit.

I have now lost 21 kilos and considering my goal was to lose 10 kilos, this really has been such a bonus. The only downfall is all my clothes are too big now and I have to buy a new wardrobe. But I suppose if that’s my biggest problem then life is good. My husband has been so impressed with my weight loss that he started eating Lite n’ Easy too.

I really wanted to say thank you Lite n’ Easy for giving me more energy and a whole new outlook on life. I know I couldn’t have done this without you.

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