Start weight:
104 kilos (187cm)
Current weight:
87 kilos
Weight lost:
17 kilos
Time frame:
5 months

I wasted years on expensive diet supplements and fads. Even rigorous gym workouts and careful eating habits proved unsuccessful in getting my weight back to where I wanted it to be. A colleague mentioned that she had just started Lite n’ Easy and how much she enjoyed the food. I decided to give it a go and we made a pact to encourage each other.

At Christmas 2015 I tipped the scales at just over 104 kilos, not having been able to get below 98 kilos for many years, no matter how hard I tried. Twenty weeks with Lite n’ Easy and the scales groaned considerably less at 87 kilos, a loss of 17 kilos! I was impressed with how easy it was.

I then changed my Lite n’ Easy Meal Plan from the 1200 calories per day to 1500 calories to stabilise the down-trend, which it has done and I am now maintaining 87 kilos easily.

When you work out Lite n’ Easy costs around $20 per day for all of your meals and snacks, plus fresh fruit, that’s not much to pay for a healthier body, for having everything done for you, packaged and delivered, ready to eat. No preparation and no shopping.

I believe in “having a bit of everything”, so long as it includes all the right things and spread over the week in the correct order, and most importantly, in the correct quantities. Having the Lite n’ Easy dietitians and chefs to sort all that out for me is priceless.

As the weight fell off exercise got easier too. I started out walking 1km every second day, now I do 6kms very comfortably. At my new weight, even at age 73, I now feel as fit as I did when I was fifty!

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