Start weight:
133 kilos (186cm)
Current weight:
97 kilos
Weight lost:
33 kilos
Time frame:
2 years

For most of my adult life I had been a large person. Many years of different medications to manage depression saw me balloon to 133 kilos plus. I tended to shy away from photos and social gatherings because I was very aware of my size and had a negative view of myself. I tried other weight loss programs but found these were hard to follow and self-motivation was hard for me.

I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and I was sick of feeling uncomfortable all the time or puffed out just walking up stairs. It was time to make a change.

I chose Lite n’ Easy because there was a lot of variety in the menu and it was relatively cheap. There was no way I could buy all my usual groceries for the same price, plus it was already prepared for me. I also liked that it was all portion controlled and all I had to do was eat the food set out for the day. It couldn’t get any simpler than that. The food is all fresh and it’s not your typical flavourless ‘diet food’.  I even even have various sweet treats thrown in. The portions aren’t miniscule either and sometimes I think I have too much to eat.

In addition to Lite n’ Easy, I started doing regular exercise and 2 years later I have lost close to 33 kilos! Even though I still have more to lose, I couldn’t be happier with my weight loss to date.

For a value for money, convenient solution that works, Lite n’ Easy really did make it easy to achieve my weight loss goals and I feel great!

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