Start weight:
70 kilos (163cm)
Current weight:
60 kilos
Weight lost:
10 kilos
Time frame:
10 weeks

I have used Lite n’ Easy on and off for two years now as a great way to eat healthy, lose weight and get back on track when I need to. I am a busy mum to four children, I work part time in a very demanding job and study at university, so I am extremely busy!

Ordering Lite n’ Easy and having the food delivered to my door is so convenient. I find with my busy daily routine, Lite n’ Easy makes life much easier for me. Not to mention the delicious food I get to eat each day which always gives me something to look forward to.

I recently started re-ordering for my weekly deliveries as I was feeling run down, unhealthy and had gained some unwanted kilos. Three weeks later I had lost 6 kilos and by 10 weeks, 10 kilos were gone! I’m feeling fantastic with loads of energy and I know I can rely on Lite n’ Easy to always give me great results.

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