Start weight:
101.5 kilos (160cm)
Current weight:
68.5 kilos
Weight lost:
33 kilos
Time frame:
14 months

I first started Lite n’ Easy when my husband began working away. I knew I wanted to lose weight, but found it time consuming to prepare healthy meals whilst on my own with our three boys for four weeks at a time. I had become so overweight I stopped looking at myself in the mirror. Looking back now, I wasn’t my usual self. I was exhausted from forcing myself to smile and pretend I was happy. I had lost my sparkle.

Lite n’ Easy took all this hassle away. Having the daily meals prepared and set out into day bags made sticking to the plan so easy. The food was tasty and I never tired of the often changing menus.

Jump ahead 14 months and I am now 33 kilos lighter! My energy levels are through the roof. I have no idea how I even managed to stay awake every day. I run 4kms every second day – something I had only dreamed about before.

Thanks to Lite n’ Easy for making it so easy to do. I now have my sparkle back and feel like myself again.

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*Individual results may vary

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