Peter & Pauline



Start weight:
130 kilos (185cm)
Current weight:
95 kilos
Weight lost:
35 kilos
Time frame:
12 months


Start weight:
66 kilos (174cm)
Current weight:
57 kilos
Weight lost:
9 kilos
Time frame:
6 months

Before Lite n’ Easy my blood pressure and cholesterol readings were high and I was on medication. I was also pre-diabetic which was worrying. My wife Pauline wasn’t significantly overweight but couldn’t find any clothes that she liked in her size and neither of us were as fit as we would like to be.

We had been thinking about Lite n’ Easy for some time after seeing their adverts on TV. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with an old friend who had been on Lite n’ Easy and lost 40 kilos, in fact we didn’t recognise her at first, that we immediately decided this was for us.

The food is simply delicious, no waste, no fuss. We have been so impressed with the quality and variety of the meals and the utter convenience of the Lite n’ Easy program. No shopping (and buying food we didn’t need), no washing up (the dishwasher is redundant) and no wastage (the dogs are not too happy about this aspect).

People ask us about our “diet” to which we reply it isn’t a diet, in fact there are times when we simply cannot eat all the food on our plate. We are not so strict with ourselves now. In the beginning we wouldn’t eat anything else, but now we do go out to eat every now and then and just watch what we eat.

We didn’t set goals, we didn’t have to as the weight simply fell off. We have lost a combined total of 44 kilos between us, our overall health has improved dramatically and we have so much more energy.

Pauline is down from a size 14 to a size 10 and can now wear clothes she couldn’t before so she is very happy. I went shopping myself and was thrilled to find that a lot of the clothes were too big for me, something that had never happened before.

We are very thankful for all the positive changes Lite n’ Easy has made to our lives and shall continue because of the convenience.

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