Start weight:
64 kilos (160cm)
Current weight:
60 kilos
Weight lost:
4 kilos
Time frame:

“I feel so much healthier”

I’ve always been very conscious about my health and weight, but living on my own and working full time made it diffcult for me to prepare healthy meals all the time. I would often end up just eating a peanut butter sandwich for dinner.

A couple of ladies at work were on Lite n’ Easy and they were very happy with the meals, so I decided to give it a try. I watched them bring in their lunch packages and was amazed at all the different options and healthy snacks. They did not have to think about what they were eating it was all there for them.

Lite n’ Easy has improved my eating habits dramatically. I love the taste of the food, the variety and the convenience. I pick up my lunch every day and go off to work without having to think about it. Most importantly, I love knowing all the meals are nutritionally balanced.

I now feel so much healthier and am able to lead a very active life.  I am an avid cyclist and cycle every weekend, joining in many fundraising events. I also have 2 grandchildren who keep me on my toes.

Thank you Lite n’ Easy for making my life that much more fulfilling.

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