Start weight:
82 kilos
Current weight:
70 kilos
Weight lost:
12 kilos
Time frame:
8 weeks

I’d just landed a new TV job and started in a new netball team, when I blew out my knee and needed a complete reconstruction! Over the next couple of months I put on a lot of weight because I couldn’t exercise. At over 80 kilos I started to feel really unhappy with myself, particularly as I wasn’t looking my best on screen.

I decided to give Lite n’ Easy a go, the full 7 Day Meal Plan just so I had no excuses. After the very first meal, I absolutely loved it for the convenience, quality and the fact that I was so full all the time but still enjoying foods I loved.

I continued for eight weeks without any exercise and I saw incredible results, shrinking from a size 14 to a size 10! Not only have I lost 12 kilos, I feel incredible, my health has improved and my self confidence has changed greatly.

Before starting, I was nowhere near the best version of myself and I’m so thankful for being able get back to the real me inside and out.

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*Individual results may vary.

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