Start weight:
101 kilos (182cm)
Current weight:
83 kilos
Weight lost:
18 kilos
Time frame:
1 year

In 2014 I had some major surgery and following that I developed atrial fibrillation. This was controlled by medication and I was under supervision of a cardiologist but at 101 kilos I was heavier than I should have been and this affected my general health as well as my aerobic capacity after heavy physical exercise. I was also having trouble getting into my 60 year old MG sports cars and getting under them to maintain them.

So in 2016 I decided to get my weight down and ordered Lite n’ Easy on the 1500 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan. My wife is an excellent cook but my problem was portion sizes. We found it difficult to prepare small meals and ensure variety without significant waste or left overs. With Lite n’ Easy portion control is done for you and there is no waste, yet plenty of variety.

I saw instant results and I have not had any atrial fibrillation events since. I tracked everything on a spreadsheet and in a year with Lite n’ Easy I achieved my target of losing 18 kilos to get my BMI to a healthy level of under 25. I have stayed on it because I like the food and convenience.

My cardiologist says weight loss is the best thing you can do for heart health and he now uses my weight loss chart to show other patients. My check-ups have been extended from 6 monthly to 12 monthly visits and I have a lot more energy for physical work. Better still, I had my fastest time at a hill climb track in November 2017 so Lite n’ Easy is working on all fronts for me.

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