Michelle K

Start weight:
75 kilos (154cm)
Current weight:
49 kilos
Weight lost:
26 kilos
Time frame:
1 year

Lite n’ Easy is amazing, because it teaches you how to eat properly. I had tried every other “miracle diet” going around, but nothing ever worked because I had to starve myself and it wasn’t sustainable. Then I discovered Lite n’ Easy and I’ve never eaten so well.

The variety is amazing, I travel the world through my taste buds! I love the amazing breakfasts with bagels, Eggs Florentine and pikelets. I photograph my delicious lunches everyday and text them to my husband. At night I can choose any cuisine, from Indian to Italian and enjoy a restaurant quality dinner, without all the calories or expense.

I lost 26 kilos in one year and I can’t imagine my life now without Lite n’ Easy. The added confidence and happiness I have gained has affected my home life and work life in really positive ways too.

For me Lite n’ Easy is a lifestyle not a diet. It’s weight loss I can see and feel and it’s truly changed my life.

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*Individual results may vary

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