Megan & Dean



Start weight:
84 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
72 kilos
Weight lost:
12 kilos
Time frame:
20 weeks


Start weight:
107 kilos (193cm)
Current weight:
97 kilos
Weight lost:
10 kilos
Time frame:
12 weeks

I wanted to lose weight after I had my two children. I had tried other weight loss programs before but they all made food a big focus, there was so much weighing, counting and recording! That is why I LOVE Lite n’ Easy.

Lite n’ Easy does not make food into a big ‘issue’ that you have to struggle with. When you are eating Lite n’ Easy, food is purely something to enjoy and nourish your body, not something to feel guilty about or stress over. It is so quick and easy with a young family and the quality is always spot on.

Having each meal there ready for me also allowed me to set myself some boundaries early on when I was trying to change old habits.  If is wasn’t in the Lite n’ Easy bag, it wasn’t going in my mouth – simple!

I lost 12 kilos in 20 weeks and my energy levels have increased as well as an overall improvement in my health. I went to donate blood last week and my iron levels had rocketed 22 points since February!

My husband has also jumped on the Lite n Easy bandwagon, losing 10 kilos in 12 weeks. I am almost at my goal weight but Lite n’ Easy will always be part of our lives now, purely for the healthy, easy, tasty meals they provide.

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*Individual results may vary

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