Matthew W

Start weight:
135 kilos (188cm)
Current weight:
109 kilos
Weight lost:
26 kilos
Time frame:
9 months

I’m Matthew, I’m 30 and I’m a paramedic who works fly-in-fly-out on a four day roster. After initially starting Lite n’ Easy in October 2017, I didn’t really follow the guidelines, still over ate and didn’t get any real results because I had not really changed my attitude or behavior towards food.

In January 2018, I realised if I wanted to progress in my career into the rescue program, I needed to get serious and do something about my weight to improve my fitness and feel better about myself. So I began again in earnest, sticking to Lite n’ Easy on my four days away and then following similar principles when I went home.

I found the first few weeks were a bit of an adjustment, but once I committed properly then I noticed my constant need to eat more had subsided and I was feeling fuller during the day. I started wanting to eat healthier and made a point of having smaller portions. Using these new skills, I also decreased my alcohol intake, but in saying this, I am still able to have a few beers or wines at social events and not feel guilty for doing so.

This is because the Lite n’ Easy program works and I was the biggest non-believer when I started. But the proof is in the pudding so to speak! I have lost 26 kilos to date and I am now exercising at least 4 times a week with light runs and walks.

My wife pointed out that my snoring has decreased dramatically and I feel better about every aspect of life. I feel more energetic and the weight loss has been accompanied by a rise in my self-confidence. I can’t wait to get this last bit of weight off and apply to join the rescue program. It will be a dream come true for me.

I still have a few kilos to go but I know that if I stick to it, Lite n’ Easy really is the best way to lose weight and feel great.

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