Mary & Alison

Start weight:
72 kilos
Current weight:
64 kilos
Weight lost:
8 kilos
Time frame:
Customer for 2 years

Not only did Lite n’ Easy help me lose 8 kilos but it’s become an invaluable part in the life of my beautiful mum Mary, who has just turned ninety. Having Lite n’ Easy meals delivered allows her to continue to live independently, taking the pressure off the family by knowing she is eating a good healthy meal without having to go food shopping or cook for herself.

She is generally fit and healthy for her years but suffers from some memory loss, so we know what she is eating is always good for her.

She loves your evening meals and soups and we are both always commenting how much they taste like home cooking. She will proudly serve an unexpected visitor a Lite n’ Easy meal and is a great advocate amongst her elderly friends.

Mum continually mentions her kind and happy Lite n’ Easy driver who carries the esky inside for her, making her day! It’s the little things you do that make all the difference, especially for the elderly.

We cannot thank you enough for looking after our mum!

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