Start weight:
73 kilos (163cm)
Current weight:
58 kilos
Weight lost:
15 kilos
Time frame:
1 year

I went on a holiday in 2017 and felt unhealthy, unhappy with my looks and embarrassed about my weight. I had pains all over, couldn’t really exercise and decided that I needed to change.

I had done Lite n’ Easy before with great results so I knew what I needed to do. I came home, put in my order and started walking again, all within the space of a week. I chose the 1200 Calorie, 5 Day Meal Plan and stuck to it during the week, then did my own thing on the weekends.

I lost 15 kilos, I have no pain anymore, I sleep well and I don’t worry about my looks.

I love the variety and the flavours, plus it’s all portion controlled so I don’t have to worry about what I’m eating. I have also learned to have a better relationship with food and made lifestyle changes to help me keep the weight off. I love to travel, walk, run and go hiking and am now able to really enjoy these things as my fitness has greatly improved.

I recommend Lite n’ Easy to my friends and anyone that wants to lose way and keep it off!

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