Start weight:
Current weight:
Weight lost:
26 kilos
Time frame:
6 months

I have always struggled with my weight and always been thought of as the ‘bigger girl’, causing me to be self-conscious about everything I wore and upset by comments others would make about my size. I tried to lose weight in the past but would only get so far and before I knew it I was back to where I started.

It wasn’t until I was looking at a photo of myself at my 21st that I couldn’t believe what I saw. My aunty suggested I try Lite n’ Easy and that was the start of a complete turn around for me.

To begin with, I loved the food. In fact I was amazed at how good it was and the results came immediately. It was so convenient for me being a hairdresser and working long hours, I didn’t have to think about what to prepare to take to work as it was all packed ready to go.

I lost 26 kilos in just 6 months, have kept it of since and I couldn’t be happier. I feel so much more confident in my own skin, I love going shopping now and love working out at the gym. I never thought I would ever say that! Lite n’ Easy has taught me so much about portion sizes and that you can still eat a great variety of foods without feeling like you are on a ‘diet’.

All I can say is thank you Lite n’ Easy – I feel like a whole new person and it’s great!

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