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Luke Hodge shares his reasons for using Lite n’ Easy

People come up to me all the time because my Lite n’ Easy ad has been on TV a fair bit during the footy season and they always ask me “Do you really eat the food?” and “Do you have enough energy?”.

All I can say to people is YES I do eat Lite n’ Easy and I definitely have heaps more energy. I have been eating it for 6-7 years and I won’t be going off it any time soon.

I started eating Lite n’ Easy in 2009  because my weight was a bit heavy and it definitely helped me to drop down to my perfect weight for playing football. I then used the meals to help me maintain my ideal weight and I have been able to do that successfully for the last 8-9 years.

What I love best about Lite n’ Easy is the taste and the variety. With more than 100 meals to choose from, I never get sick of the food. I’m a country boy so I love all the roasts and the steaks.

We have 3 young boys to run around after, so convenience is also high on the priority list at home. I’m not the best cook and being busy with full on training and the kids I need something that is quick and easy to prepare when it’s my turn to cook. With Lite n’ Easy I can put our dinner in the microwave and have a good tasting healthy dish ready in minutes.

With Lite n’ Easy you know that you are putting healthy food in your body. These days you’ve got to look after your body whether you are an athlete or an everyday person. I know I am going to be able to perform because of the food I am eating.

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