Lauren R

Start weight:
97 kilos (168cm)
Current weight:
63 kilos
Weight lost:
34 kilos
Time frame:
12 months

After having my 3 children my weight had climbed to almost 100 kilos and it was time to do something about it. I was lacking in energy and not happy with how I looked.

I ordered Lite n’ Easy and thought I’d give it a go. It was that simple!

My parents had ordered the meals before and really enjoyed them and my husband agreed to join me so we could both get back into shape. I never thought I would achieve the fantastic results I have.

With Lite n’ Easy I always had something quick, healthy and there ready during the day, so there was really no excuse. Over the next year I lost 34 kilos and have completely changed the way I live.

I thought if I was ordering Lite n’ Easy I should also make the effort to exercise daily to help maximise the weight loss. Thanks to some beautiful friends who joined me walking every day, this just became habit. Now I run 6 kms every day and I love to start the morning that way.

Lite n’ Easy is definitely a life saver!

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*Individual results may vary


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