Start weight:
64 kilos (168cm)
Current weight:
54 kilos
Weight lost:
10 kilos
Time frame:
8 weeks

I went travelling overseas and gained almost 10 kilos so when I returned I needed something to help me lose the weight – fast!

I had heard good things about Lite n’ Easy from my Mum who had tried it before and I had seen the ads on TV. Still, before I started with Lite n’ Easy, I was in two minds thinking that I may not like the food or would have to starve myself to lose weight. But the fact that Lite n’ Easy has no lock-in contracts or joining fees and I could just try it for a week and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to order again made me think I should just give it a go. What did I have to lose?

The food was amazing! I loved the variety and the fact it really was so easy. Everything was ready to go and the portions were perfect.

After only 5 or 6  weeks of eating Lite n’ Easy meals, everyone started noticing me losing weight and complimenting me. After 8 weeks I had lost 10 kilos and was excited to achieve my goal so quickly and easily.

I have my confidence back again and I feel great. I can fit into my nice clothes again and I don’t feel constantly tired like I did before.

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