Start weight:
102 kilos (165cm)
Current weight:
64 kilos
Weight lost:
38 kilos
Time frame:
2 years

My life before Lite n’ Easy was very different. I was always too tired to do anything and just plain lazy. I ate boring, simple meals purely for the purpose of survival. At 102 kilos, I was unhappy but unsure of how I could possibly be motivated enough to change.

I thought I could lose weight just by increasing my exercise, so I started seeing a personal trainer. It was expensive and the weight loss was very slow. The trainer suggested I consider a meal plan, so I added Lite n’ Easy to the mix and the kilos started falling off straight away.

I chose Lite n’ Easy for many reasons. The range of food is very appealing, it is affordable and they deliver to my area. I also like that I can alter my meal plan when necessary should something come up and they have a long standing track record so I know I can trust them.

From the moment my first delivery arrived I knew what I had to eat and when, so that my brain could switch off having to think about food and concentrate on other things, like exercise, my work and my kids.  It was amazing how it all worked.

I lost 38 kilos and feel like a new person. My whole life has changed. I have a lot more confidence now. I do so much more these days and I enjoy life much much more. I have energy to face each day and my family life has definitely improved.

I plan to continue on Lite n’ Easy for convenience, variety and taste. I exercise just about everyday in some form and love to run! It isn’t about what size you are or what you weigh. The most incredible feeling is when you really start to feel it from the inside, that is when you truly know you are treating your body right.

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*Individual results may vary

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