Start weight:
107 kilos (160cm)
Current weight:
60 kilos
Weight lost:
47 kilos
Time frame:
17 months

I first gained weight after having my son 8 years ago. After a very swift return to work in the following months, the scales kept moving up and up. This continued as I focused on working and being a mum. The more weight I put on the more daunting the task of changing my lifestyle and losing weight became.

Then in May last my weight started having a significant impact on the activities we could do as a family and my ability to move around in the classroom as I am a primary school teacher. I either became exhausted quickly or I did not have the confidence to try. My extended family and friends were also becoming concerned for my health.

Lite n’ Easy was recommended to me and I started losing weight from the first week. My husband supported me by eating the meals as well. It really was that simple and straight forward to start changing our lives. As my weight dropped I became more able and confident to be physically active and to date I have lost 47 kilos and my husband has lost 20 kilos.

Perhaps more importantly, our family lifestyle has been transformed in the last year. Now we love bike riding and walking and it’s been so wonderful to take part in activities like trampolining, horse riding and kicking the football with my son, all of which I was physically incapable of doing before Lite n’ Easy.

My son has measured and celebrated my weight-loss by his ability to hug me around my waist. It was a special day in our house when his hands finally met, all made possible by Lite n’ Easy.

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