Start weight:
71.5 kilos (158cm)
Current weight:
56.5 kilos
Weight lost:
15 kilos
Time frame:
15 weeks

In September last year I attended my grandfather’s wedding and hid out of sight of the camera for most of it. I had to wear a dress I didn’t like because it was the only one that fitted and I was not happy in my own skin.

When I got home and weighed myself for the first time in months it showed that I was 71.5 kilos! That was my turning point when I decided to lose weight because I didn’t want my weight creeping up anymore.

A Lite n’ Easy ad came on the TV and I thought “I’ll just try a couple of weeks of this and see how I go”. Straight away I saw better results than I’d ever had with any previous other weight loss attempts. Lite n’ Easy was actually working for me and the kilos were coming off.

I stuck to the meal plan, changed my lifestyle and have smashed so many goals along the way. l fit back into all my old clothes, am exercising regularly again and have achieved a healthy weight range for my height and age. I lost 15 kilos and I’m still going. Now all my pretty dresses fit again!

Thank you so much Lite n’ Easy you have changed my life. I’m the happiest and most confident I have been in years.

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*Individual results may vary

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