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Start weight:
113 kilos (173cm)
Current weight:
68 kilos
Weight lost:
45 kilos
Time frame:
15 months

Everyone needs a reason to start. For me it was my son’s school formal. At Kieran’s school, the parents go and there is a mother and son dance. It was over a year before the event and all the mums had started talking about what they were going to wear. I suddenly found myself on the end of my bed looking forward with this awful dress that I hate, because it’s the only thing I could fit into. I was so upset because I wasn’t going to look the way that I wanted to.

That’s when I saw an advert for Lite n’ Easy and I thought I would give it a go.

I was really surprised when I received the first delivery. The food tasted delicious and the variety was amazing. I think that’s the main difference between Lite n’ Easy and other diets and why I was so successful.

I hit my goal weight before the formal. I’d lost 45 kilos and was feeling amazing. It was such a proud moment for me when I danced with Kieran at the formal and he said that I looked great. It was a special moment between the two of us.

Lite n’ Easy has changed my whole life. I feel 100% better for it and I’m leading the life I want to lead. I feel fantastic!

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