Start weight:
72 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
55 kilos
Weight lost:
17 kilos
Time frame:
6 months

My weight before Lite n’ Easy was just a little on the cuddly side and may not seem too heavy but I was starting to feel unfit and unmotivated.  Walking short distances, I was out of breath and I was not comfortable in my own skin. Then when my clothes didn’t fit anymore, I knew it was time to lose a few kilos.

Seeing the amazing choices and quality of the food Lite n’ Easy had to offer, made the decision a no brainer for me. I ordered the 1200 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan and the weight started coming off straight away.

Motivated by these results, I added 40 minutes of exercise most days and this added to helped speed up the process.  In less than 6 months I lost 17 kilos and I continue to do Lite n’ Easy lunches not to lose weight but because I actually love the food, and vit’salue for money I cannot get even if I shopped myself.

People I work with are also on Lite n’ Easy now as they could see my results and knew it worked.

It’s not about being a certain weight, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin and being genuinely healthy and happy. Lite n’ Easy makes this possible and I do not see myself stopping any time soon.

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*Individual results may vary

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