Start weight:
104 kilos (187cm)
Current weight:
88 kilos
Weight lost:
16 kilos
Time frame:
12 months

My main problem in maintaining my weight was portion control, so Lite n’ Easy was the obvious solution for me. I had gone up to a size 40 in pants and couldn’t fit into any of my clothes comfortably anymore.

The structured meal plan offered by Lite n’ Easy helped me to kick start my new way of living and I never looked back. I enjoy the balanced meals and all of the choices in the menu.

After only 10 months I went from a size a size 40 to a 36. At 12 months I’ve gone from 104kg to 88kg which feels great and I fit back into all my old clothes again.

With the convenience of not having to cook I am also more active after work and play social netball.

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*Individual results may vary

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