Start weight:
150 kilos
Current weight:
70 kilos
Weight lost:
80 kilos
Time frame:
16 months

Jody is less than half her size!

Since childhood my weight has always been an issue. I was the “fat kid” through school and I kept getting bigger and bigger into my adulthood. At my heaviest I was a whopping 150 kilos and I was addicted to food. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and my health was a ticking time bomb. I was depressed, socially withdrawn and miserable.

Then something amazing happened.

In February 2014 I met a Dutch guy by the name of John in an online gaming room and we had an instant connection. Over the next few months our online relationship blossomed very quickly and I knew the possibility of meeting him one day could be very real.

This was all the motivation I needed to change myself for the better. Even though John loved me for me and could look beyond the exterior, I wanted to feel better about myself and to improve my health for our future together.

From the moment I began the Lite n’ Easy program, I found the food to be delicious and very satisfying. No more excuses! My will power grew stronger everyday. I found the kilos dropping very quickly and a growing confidence in myself. My whole attitude started to change for the better.

Over 16 months I lost 80 kilos and now weigh 70 kilos! John came out to Australia to meet me last year and we are madly in love. Life has changed very quickly for me. I am less than half my starting weight and very happy with where my life is going.

Latest update from Jody

All is great with John and I have maintained my weight loss for nearly 3 years now, thanks to Lite n’ Easy. My mum and I recently came back from visiting John is Holland for 3 weeks. He proposed to me when we were at Disneyland in Paris, which was something else! It is hard being apart during such a happy time in our lives, but he is moving to Australia in January 2017 so not long now till we are together permanently. Thank you Lite n’ Easy for being part of this incredible journey.

Congratulations Jody!

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