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Start weight:
82 kilos (160cm)
Current weight:
58 kilos
Weight lost:
24 kilos
Time frame:
Customer since 2003

“I’ve been a Lite n’ Easy customer for over 13 years because I know the quality and taste is always great. I wouldn’t know how to lose weight without Lite n’ Easy. I’ve lost 24 kilos and the great thing is I’ve managed to keep it off.

“When you’re rushing around getting 3 kids ready for school, the only way you are going to eat is if it’s already organised for you and that’s where Lite n’ Easy comes in for me. The fact that it comes all packed by day makes it so easy.

“I always thought that food had to taste really bland to lose weight and be healthy.  It’s not the case.  With Lite n’ Easy you don’t feel like you have to sacrifice or deprive yourself of anything. It’s just about eating a variety of foods that are really healthy with lots of flavour.

“If you are healthy and happy you’re a much better mother, you’re a better worker, you’re better at everything.”

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