Start weight:
76 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
67 kilos
Weight lost:
9 kilos
Time frame:
7 months

I was at a point with my weight where I just didn’t feel happy or confident within myself. So I decided to see a personal trainer and join a group fitness class for a 12 week challenge. I had done this once before but my eating wasn’t consistent so I didn’t get the results I wanted. This time around I decided I would start my challenge with the correct diet with the help from Lite n’ Easy. My mind set wasn’t to lose weight fast but to embark on a lifestyle change for the future me.

I chose Lite n’ Easy due to the fact that I was able to eat real food and not have to replace food with shakes. I ordered the 7 Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan and from the very first week I was so surprised that I loved the food and actually lost 1.5 kilos!

As I was seeing consistent results I was so excited and stuck it out for the full 12 weeks. I lost 10 kilos and I am still eating Lite n’ Easy now. I would never have lost my weight without the right portion sizes and calorie control provided by the Lite n’ Easy meal plan. I still have the lunches for convenience and dinners when I haven’t had time to prepare my own food.

I had seen lots of great success stories with Lite n’ Easy and I’m proud to say that I’m now one of them.

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