Start weight:
75 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
63 kilos
Weight lost:
12 kilos
Time frame:
4 months

After having two kids I put on weight by eating all the wrong foods and not exercising. I was up to 75kg and wearing a size 14. I felt very uncomfortable and didn’t enjoy wearing any of my clothes. I began to feel bad about myself and how I looked and decided it was time for me to start doing something for myself!

I went on Lite n’ Easy mainly because of the convenience and not having to think about dieting was a big plus for me. I loved knowing that I could eat whatever was supplied to me for the day and I would lose weight without having to think about it. The food was delicious and the variety each day was exciting. I didn’t get bored and actually looked forward to my lunch every day!

It turned out to be the best thing I have done for myself in a really long time. I lost weight and got down to my goal in just 4 months, thanks to Lite n’ Easy and a 20 minute walk each day.

I am back wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear since before having kids and feel as good as I did in my 20s! My husband is also loving my new found confidence!

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