Start weight:
95 kilos
Current weight:
75 kilos
Weight lost:
20 kilos
Time frame:
6 months

I am 63 and have been overweight since I was 17. I have tried so many diets over the years. I would lose some weight but inevitably I would always put it all back on.

Then I saw the Lite n’ Easy ad on TV and I started straight away. I lost 2 kilos in the first week and I was never hungry! The food is delicious and I love that you aren’t denied anything – a little cookie; a piece of cake; nuts and corn chips. I never felt like I was really ‘dieting’.

The weight literally fell off. I lost 20 kilos in 6 months and I am a new woman. I look fantastic, have bought new clothes, had a new haircut and am chasing my grandchildren like never before.

My only regret is I should have done this years ago.

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