Start weight:
110 kilos (171cm)
Current weight:
78 kilos
Weight lost:
32 kilos
Time frame:
14 months

I started on my weight loss journey 14 months ago after hurting myself at work due to my weight, I was off balance and fell over. At 110 kilos I was getting way too big for my height and was feeling unwell both physically and mentally. My partner also wanted to lose a few kilos.

Our weight loss strategy was simple – Lite n’ Easy plus regular exercise.

We chose Lite n’ Easy because we had used it 5 years ago, so we already knew we could rely on the quality of the food, that it was portion controlled and healthy for us. We also enjoyed the convenience of delivery.

Fourteen months later I am 32 kilos lighter and I feel great. I am running and lifting more weight in the gym than ever before. Starting at 110 kilos seemed ominous, so I set goals of losing 10 kilos at a time which made it more achievable. When I reached 90 kilos I started running. I also wanted to lose 30 kilos by the time I turned 50 so that was a big motivation and I did it!

Life has changed for the better thanks to Lite n’ Easy. After losing weight I am now able to run again which I really enjoy, I also like going to the gym in the mornings and riding my motorbike. I feel great physically and mentally and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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