Start weight:
75 kilos (164cm)
Current weight:
66 kilos
Weight lost:
9 kilos
Time frame:
5 months

I was not extremely overweight, but I had steadily put on weight, going up a dress size then heading up towards the next size. I was unhappy about my appearance and having to wear baggy clothes to hide my weight.

After trying different diets and eating plans I decided to give Lite n’ Easy a try. I’d seen it advertised on TV and liked the idea of not having to think about what I had to eat.

Since being with Lite n’ Easy I have averaged a loss of half a kilo each week. I feel great and I’m fitting into my favourite clothes again. I love the convenience and the variety of food is great. I get multiple compliments a day on how great I’m looking and several of my colleagues have now started ordering.

I’ll be staying with Lite n’ Easy because it really is light and easy!

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*Individual results may vary


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