Start weight:
69 kilos (160 cm)
Current weight:
56 kilos
Weight lost:
13 kilos
Time frame:
9 months

I initially chose Lite n’ Easy for convenience and to help manage a medical problem I was experiencing. After suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and cystic adult acne for many years and growing tired of trying to prepare my own meals, clean eating, restricting whole food groups and just not feeling any better, Lite n’ Easy has been an absolute godsend.

I find all the Lite n’ Easy meals delicious. Previously I had restricted most of these foods in my diet so it still feels like I’m being a bit naughty, but I know it’s all heathy and portion controlled so there is nothing to worry about.

It has been 10 months since I started ordering Lite n’ Easy and I haven’t looked back! I am no longer constipated and my skin is clear. I noticed that my IBS attacks and general stomach discomfort have decreased over time. I feel I am now free of any gut issues whilst I remain on the program. The added bonus is that I have managed to lose 12 kilos in the process.

I hadn’t really set myself a weight loss goal as I was doing this for health and convenience, but I would say that I am at my goal weight now and am enjoying maintaining that level. In addition, the convenience of not having to shop or prepare meals has left me with time to exercise regularly with no excuses. I am so happy eating Lite n’ Easy that I cannot see myself stopping – ever.

I have just replaced my whole wardrobe, going from a size 12-14 to an 8-10 and I am feel amazing!

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