Helen S

Start weight:
95 kilos (147cm)
Current weight:
70 kilos
Weight lost:
25 kilos
Time frame:
3 years ongoing

I live alone and always struggled to shop and cook for one person. I often skipped meals or bought take away and my health and weight suffered.

I chose Lite n’ Easy initially for the convenience of having my meals prepared and ready to eat. I was surprised how tasty the food was. I loved the variety of food, I never get bored with selections as it changes every week, with a new menu every season. The fresh salads are my favourites and there is always something new and different.

I chose the 5 Day Meal Plan which allow me to choose my own meals on the weekend and meet with friends and family for lunches and dinners.

Losing weight and the added benefits of better health and fitness were all an added bonus. I lost 25 kilos and needed a whole new wardrobe which helped give me a new sense of confidence and freedom. I am also a lot happier with my overall wellbeing.

With Lite n’ Easy’s support I am improving my lifestyle and my health and I am very thankful.

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