Start weight:
170 kilos
Current weight:
84 kilos
Weight lost:
86 kilos
Time frame:
2.5 years

Heather loses a staggering 86 kilos!

I had a serious weight problem for years and tried many types of diets without success. At age 55 and weighing 170 kilos, my physical and mental health were terrible. My diet was just junk food and I lived a completely sedentary lifestyle, watching TV 24/7 and eating all day. In short I was heading for an early grave.

I had a gastric sleeve operation in 2013 but the operation wasn’t a magical fix. I found a wonderful counsellor and a dietitian who suggested I start to order Lite n’ Easy meals.

The kilos started falling off and I began to incorporate light exercise into my daily lifestyle. I lost 86 kilos over the next 2.5 years, more than half my original body weight! I have eliminated many of the serious health issues I faced and regained my confidence. This hasn’t been about dieting or just about weight loss for me. It has been a total mind, body and soul rejuvenation.

Finally, I can say out loud “I am proud of myself!” and for that I am eternally grateful.

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