Start weight:
85 kilos (170cm)
Current weight:
55 kilos
Weight lost:
30 kilos
Time frame:
18 months

I have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the time for meal preparation. I was buying all the wrong foods, eating out a lot and put on quite a bit of weight.

I first started with Lite n’ Easy in December 2015. Christmas was a hard time of year to start a new diet so it took me a while to stick to it, but once I got going I was consistently losing 1/2-1 kilos per week.

I had few breaks in between and didn’t always stick to the plan very strictly so it took me 18 months to lose 30 kilos. This made a massive change to me both inside and out. When I am eating Lite n’ Easy I feel full of energy and I wake up each morning feeling great. Losing so much weight made me more confident than ever before.

Lately I have been really busy with a few different holidays, moving house and two new jobs so I started to feel as thought I had let myself go a bit.  The great thing about Lite n’ Easy is I can come back to the full program at any time. Having all my meals done for me, I feel like it’s a weight off my shoulder not having to worry about making healthy choices, food shopping, meal preparation and portion control.

Lite n’ Easy has been a great way for me to lose weight and then maintain some control with very little effort when life gets busy.

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