Hayley & Cuan



Start weight:
78 kilos (165cm)
Current weight:
62 kilos
Weight lost:
16 kilos
Time frame:
6 months ongoing


Start weight:
85 kilos (178cm)
Current weight:
75 kilos
Weight lost:
10 kilos
Time frame:
14 weeks

Before Lite n’ Easy I found it hard to lose the last 10 kilos of my baby weight as juggling kids, work and university didn’t leave me much time for meal planning or counting calories. I just needed an easier way to lose weight.

My husband had been recommended the Lite n’ Easy program by work colleagues and thought it would be a good idea to start together so we could motivate each other and save on cooking time at night whilst I was studying.

The food was delicious and I loved that I could still eat fresh salads and there was such a variety of meals. The Lite n’ Easy program was easy to use, the website was easy to follow for weekly ordering and if I forgot to order, I would automatically get a delivery.

I lost 13 kilos in the first 12 weeks and my husband lost 10 kilos.  We have continued to order Lite n’ Easy during busy times and I have slowly dropped another 3 kilos over the past year, bringing us to a combined total weight loss of 26 kilos!

Previoulsy I didn’t enjoy clothes shopping and always felt uncomfortable in everything I was wearing but now I am back to loving it. I feel more confident in myself and have loads more energy for my kids.

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