Start weight:
95 kilos (163cm)
Current weight:
58 kilos
Weight lost:
37 kilos
Time frame:
18 months

I had struggled with my weight ever since having children, developing bad eating habits and not exercising much at all. After seeing myself in a photo with my son, I felt disgusted at how much weight I had put on and decided it was finally time to make a change.

One of my colleagues had recently started on Lite n’ Easy and the meals looked tasty, so I took the plunge and joined her. Taking Lite n’ Easy to work was my saviour. No more junk food and there was more than enough to eat with the 1200 calorie Meal Plan.

The weight started coming off quite quickly and I gained enough confidence to take up dancing and exercising regularly.

Over time Lite n’ Easy taught me how to eat healthy again. Now I know what a balanced meal looks like without having to count calories. As I live on my own it’s also very convenient not having to cook or shop for myself.

I lost 37 kilos in just under 2 years and I am feeling the best I have in years!

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