Start weight:
120 kilos (183cm)
Current weight:
91 kilos
Weight lost:
29 kilos
Time frame:
20 months

I started with Lite n’ Easy in February 2016 and exactly a year later I had lost 20 kilos. I continued for a total of 20 months and lost a total of 29 kilos! It is amazing to see how much difference I have made to my size and my health in that short time.

Lite n’ Easy is really reliable and I’ve had no problems whatsoever placing my orders or with my deliveries.

There is a great range of food provided which is really delicious. But most importantly Lite n’ Easy has taught me how to eat healthy. I am only on the 5 Day Meal Plan now which has allowed me to utilise my newfound eating habits over the weekends and holidays as well.

Lite n’ Easy really works for me and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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*Individual results may vary

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