Start weight:
78 kilos (175cm)
Current weight:
67 kilos
Weight lost:
11 kilos
Time frame:
9 months

I started Lite n’ Easy about 2 years ago and I love the way it has transformed my eating habits.

The first three weeks were hard as my stomach began to adjust. But soon I found I could no longer finish larger meals when I was eating out and it was then that I realised just how much I had been over eating.

Lite n’ Easy gave me a greater understanding that both the amount and the type of food made a big difference in maintaining a healthy weight. The range of foods provided are cooked well and I really like the dried fruits and nuts as snacks. To my surprise, I was able to continue having the occasional beer and I didn’t exercise much, but my weight kept coming down.

I lost 11 kilos over 9 months and now I hardly drink anymore and I hit the gym at least twice a week. Since reaching my goal I have changed from the 1500 to the 1800 Calorie Meal Plan for maintenance.

I’m very happy with Lite n’ Easy because not only has it helped me with gaining my ideal weight, but I feel I’ve been educated along the way. I feel so clean inside and all my friends and family have noticed how healthy and young I look.

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